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Choosing the right TV bracket

Category: TV Brackets — November 30th, 2008

Though TV brackets save on a lot of valuable floor space, it is important to understand the type of TV bracket you need. TV brackets are of different types and the right bracket can make a big difference to your viewing pleasure.

There are different types of TV brackets available but most of them either tilt the screen vertically, swivel it horizontally, or both. Tilting the TV bracket is effective for an elevated or sunken position. Swivelling is great when you want to watch your TV from different angles.


Normal mount brackets – The most popular and widely used. These TV brackets place LCD and plasma TVs at the viewing level.
Tilt mount brackets – Allow the television to be angled for easier viewing.
Hanging brackets – These are a different type of tilt mount bracket. The difference being that they are mounted on the ceiling.

Some points to consider before buying a TV bracket

• Ensure that the TV bracket has space in the rear to run the cabling.
• Check the TV mounting holes and the brackets for compatibility.
• Decide on the type of bracket that suits you best, be it, flat, tilting, or a swivelling and tilting bracket.
• Think about the placement of the TV and other related equipment. Many stores offer accessories like racks to place DVD players, DVDs and so forth.
• Opt for a trusted and reliable brand and dealer. Remember, this bracket holds your expensive TV in place.

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