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Choose the right TV wall bracket

Category: TV Brackets — November 30th, 2008

You want to purchase a new LCD TV but you cannot do so because you do not have enough free space in the living room. Worry no more, because with the help of a TV wall bracket, you can now watch the TV in the same living room without having to do any major revamping or making changes since your precious TV is safely perched on the wall now.

Wall brackets are especially useful because you can now watch TV in your bathroom, your bedroom, your games room – all you need is a wall. If you are going for a wall bracket, make sure that before choosing the right model, you choose the right wall.

The wall needs to be completely flat if you want to obtain the best from your TV. Try and choose a wall that is not painted in dark colours since dark colours can spoil the TV viewing experience. Choose a wall that has light shades on it, preferably white or cream. Also make sure that the TV is mounted at your eye level for the best experience. Check if you are getting any sunlight glare or any other glare from the position and adjust accordingly.

When going for the wall bracket, choose one fitting the size and weight of your TV. Talk to the manufacturer and let them know exactly what you need so they can help you make the right choice.

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