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Choose the right sized TV bracket for your flat screen TV

Category: TV Brackets — August 7th, 2009

Technology has had quite an impact on the electronic world and this has resulted in a number of significant changes to the appliances we use today. This can especially be seen in most of the entertainment systems available. Take the example of plasma and LCD TVs. From TVs that were large and bulky, we now have slim units that are lighter in weight and have much better picture and sound quality.

Flat panel TVs are quickly becoming affordable for people all over and it is for this reason that ideal and safe mounting solutions are required. Another reason why people are buying these flat panel TVs is because they look great and can save a lot of space when mounted on a wall. But mounting plasma and LCD TVs requires the right TV brackets. This is because if TV brackets are not chosen carefully, there can be some large consequences.

Using VESA TV wall brackets

VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) has set standards for the TV wall brackets that can be used to mount plasma and LCD TVs. Usually there are different TV wall brackets for different TV makes and models. By choosing a TV wall bracket that is right for the model and make of the TV, you can be sure that your unit will be safe and secure no matter where it is mounted.

It is extremely important that the TV wall bracket you select conforms to the size of the TV as different TV brackets hold different weights. Once you are sure of this, you can easily get the right TV brackets for your unit.

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