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Cantilever TV wall mount – best choice for digital media mounting

Category: TV Brackets — July 20th, 2009

Cantilever TV wall mounts have brought exciting change in viewing of plasma, LCD and TFT screen TVs with added comfort and convenience.

The different screen sizes of the high definition plasma and LCD TVs can vary considerably. One of the exciting features of wall mounting has made these TVs popular due to high flexibility in viewing the television from any place in the room.

Cantilever mounts serve as an extended arm to the TV platform. They offer extraordinary freedom in the movement of large screens which rest on the cantilever wall brackets. Wall brackets allow user to view the screen in their desired position whilst sitting in any corner of the room. Cantilever wall mounts enable the user to pull or push the screen towards or away from the viewer within a fixed distance.

Cantilever wall mounts and cantilever wall brackets are more user-friendly, safe, secure and stylish as well as being easy to install and use. Cantilever wall mounts have tilt and swivel brackets that offer convenience in rotating the screen through 360 degrees as well as turning it up and down by 15 degrees.
If the viewing angle for your television is not correct this can lead to discomfort. Your eyes and neck could be subjected to straining if you are viewing the screen from an odd angle.

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