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Buy a TV bracket with correct VESA spacing

Category: Advice — December 14th, 2008

If you have recently bought an LCD or plasma screen TV, you may be thinking of mounting it on the wall or ceiling. One of the main advantages of having a slim flat screen TV is their ability to be mounted and you may have enquired about TV brackets for this. But while choosing TV brackets, it is necessary to know the VESA size of your TV.

What is VESA?
VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. It was founded in 1989 to set an industry-wide interface standard for workstations, personal computers, flat screen monitors and TVs. VESA spacing is the distance between the mounting holes at the back of your television set.

Identifying VESA for your TV
There are four mounting holes at the back of your plasma screen or LCD TV. These holes are used to attach the TV bracket to your television set. Normally, the VESA size is mentioned in the manual of your TV and is available on the TV company website. VESA size can also be measured manually with tape or a ruler.

Televisions mounted on the wall should have some distance between them and the wall for proper flow of air. Almost all of today’s TV brackets automatically create the required gap and prevent your television from overheating.

By getting the right TV bracket with the correct VESA size, you no longer need to worry about your television falling down. If you are still unsure about the correct VESA size, you can always talk to a professional.

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