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B&O reveal their 103in plasma screen TV

Category: Home Cinema — April 8th, 2009

B&O has always been a ‘reassuringly expensive’ brand and recently, they have revealed their 103in plasma screen TV. Initially, Panasonic came up with their 103in plasma screen TV which was offered at the cost of £50k, VAT extra. Considering the monstrously heavy screen, B&O has managed to supply a stand that is good-looking, deceptively light and really remarkable.

Moreover, the stand that is provided by the company is completely motorised and is capable of lifting the television set with a touch of a button. It can also be tilted and turned to get the optimal viewing position.

This massive TV comes along with an integrated surround sound solution which is capable of handling up to 14 speakers. Additionally, there is also an Adaptive Sound Technology which according to B&O has the capacity to transform the whole room into a big sweet spot. It greatly enhances the customer’s freedom and lets them place the loudspeakers wherever they wish to.

If this is not enough, the TV set can be easily integrated inside an entire-house automated system which can control the security system, lights, curtains, burglar alarm, pool covers etc.

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