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Big digital television switchover in the UK

Category: News — November 29th, 2008

Analogue television in the UK is all set to be switched off in just less than four years’ time and there will be digital television in its place to bring added choice and better quality to our TV viewing experience. But between now and then 60 million TV sets in the UK will need to be made ready for this fast-approaching digital revolution.

Almost a quarter of a million TV set-top boxes have been rendered obsolete with the switchover to the digital signal, so the path leading to the digital world may not be so smooth and may perhaps have some hidden pitfalls.

So what do you really need? Once the switchover has actually taken place, you will not be able to receive and watch any television programmes unless you have upgraded or converted your television equipment to meet the new standards. Luckily plenty of options are available to choose from when it comes to receiving digital TV and reasonably priced too. Remember, you do not really have to buy a new TV set, so it need not be an expensive affair for television viewers.

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