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Be careful while choosing your TV bracket

Category: Advice — September 13th, 2009

Selecting a TV bracket should be done as carefully as choosing an LCD TV. If you install an unsuitable TV bracket by mistake, accidents can occur harming family members or damaging the TV.

When choosing a TV bracket, it is very important to first check if the TV bracket has the capacity to hold the weight of your LCD TV. A weak TV bracket can give rise to disastrous situations. So it is essential to select TV brackets compatible with the size, shape and weight of your LCD TV.

TV brackets come in a wide variety. Different types of TV brackets allow different facilities and selection of a TV bracket should be done on the basis of requirements. People often make the mistake of buying TV brackets according to their price. Such decisions prove to be painful later on.

When an LCD TV is to be installed in a small room with limited TV viewing positions, tilting brackets are best. Due to limited space, highly flexible and expensive TV brackets cannot be used in such a room. Tilting TV brackets allow slight adjustments that are required when viewers watch TV in a small space.

In cases where the LCD TV is being installed in a large room in which people have a chance to watch TV from different parts of the room, swivelling TV brackets are useful. Swivelling TV brackets are fitted with cantilever arms and can swivel by 180 degrees.

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