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All you wanted to know about TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — March 25th, 2009

Some modern television stands have built-in TV brackets. Others however do not so you have to choose a TV bracket that will fit your TV.

It is important to understand that some televisions are compatible with specific TV brackets. So ensure you choose the one that fits your particular model. Most TVs now have mounting holes with the same dimensions; this is known as the VEAS standard.

If you are looking for a specific TV bracket, make sure the bracket you are choosing is right for the size of your screen, both in terms of depth and width. It is also important to ascertain the weight of your screen. The bracket must be sturdy enough to handle this adequately.

TV brackets are a trendy way to mount your television to the wall. They save space and avoid cramming unnecessary furniture into the living room. They are economical and extremely useful. As TV brackets are usually mounted at height, they are beyond the reach of toddlers and pets. This helps avoid accidents or mishaps.

TV brackets make television viewing an enriching experience. The various options allow you to adjust the screen at different angles. This makes it possible for you to view television from anywhere, at ease, as per your convenience.

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