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All you need to know about TV Brackets

Category: TV Brackets — July 13th, 2009

The useful invention of TV brackets
TV brackets have emerged as the clear winners when it comes to freeing up extra space that can be otherwise be used for the allocation of different furniture in your home. TV brackets are available in various sizes and shapes and as such, all different brands and types of TVs can be easily mounted on them.

TV brackets for walls and ceilings
TV brackets are usually of two large types broadly, one mounted on walls and the other mounted on ceilings. These can be further segregated into three more kinds of brackets, specifically designed for LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and regular TVs.

Wall Mount and Tilt TV wall brackets
The most popular TV brackets are the wall mount TV brackets, which can be used to hold the TV set on the wall. Tilt mount brackets are brilliant if you need to mount the bracket at a high level. They can be adjusted so the bracket tilts downwards meaning you don’t have to strain your neck to watch the TV.

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