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Advantages of LCD TVs

Category: LCD Brackets — December 13th, 2008

Modern flat screen LCD TVs have completely superseded the old CRT TVs. LCD TVs look stylish with their flat screens and narrow width. Unlike CRT TVs, LCD TVs do not eat up room space as they are only a few inches thick occupying very little space. LCD TVs do not require a table or a cabinet to place them on.

TV brackets install the TV on the wall, enabling you to fix the screen at a position and height you find best. This means that the TV is positioned at a reasonable distance which provides protection from eye problems, especially in the case of children.

LCD TVs can be mounted directly to the wall with the help of a bracket. This adds style to the interior décor of a room. More importantly, the brackets help in shifting the TV in all directions, making TV watching more flexible.

The LCD TV brackets are available in a number of designs, shapes and sizes. A carefully chosen and properly installed TV bracket allows you to slide the TV right or left, tilt up and down and swivel it from side to side. The TV brackets thus allow the viewing of the same TV from the opposite sides of a room.

Thus the advantages of LCD TVs over CRT screen TVs are enough to help you decide which one to go for.

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