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A few factors that help when mounting a flat screen TV on the wall

Category: Advice — December 15th, 2008

Flat screen TVs look best when fitted directly to the wall. However, to mount the TV to a wall, it is very important to select the type of TV bracket which is best for your TV and also serves the viewing needs. A few factors to be considered when buying a TV bracket are as follows:

Size, shape and weight of the TV
When choosing a TV bracket, it is important to mention the weight and size of the TV. In case you end up buying an unsuitable TV bracket, it might lead to accidents damaging the TV. Not all types of brackets are suitable for all shapes of TVs. For example a cantilever TV bracket becomes risky for TVs which have screens above 32 inches.

Vesa spacing
Vesa spacing is the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV and range from 100 to 400 depending on the size of the TV. It is essential to buy a TV bracket which has the appropriate vesa fitting.

It is important to check that the TV bracket you have chosen has space for proper cabling. It is best to employ professional help in order to avoid any hazards.

Types of bracket
Finally, it is important to pick the TV bracket which you need. If you do not need to move the screen, then do not buy an elaborate swivel and tilt TV bracket or a cantilever TV bracket. The tilt bracket is best suited for TVs which do not need to be adjusted much.

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