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A cabinet stand

Category: Advice — December 1st, 2008

Different types of TV stands
An AV stand
It is designed so as to carefully hold not only your screen, but all other equipment like DVD player, VCR, digital TV box and so on.
It is a single unit that incorporates shelving (either behind a glass door or open) and an attachment that holds your screen on top.

Note: cable management accessories will help you to avoid that Spaghetti Junction look quite common with TV mounts. A majority of them involve shallow housings that attach to your wall and the same can be wallpapered over or painted so that they blend well with your home décor.

A cantilever stand:

It supports the screen from the rear and makes it appear like a floating object. Many cantilever stands are spacious enough to neatly house all your cables out of public view.

A corner stand:

This particular type of stand is shaped specifically to fit in the corner of your room giving you enough space for adjusting your screen and equipment.

A desktop stand:

It generally involves a small but usually slightly heavier base that gets attached to the bottom of the screen. You can place it on top of your existing cabinet or even a table or desk. It is an effective low-key way to place your set.

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