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A brief overview about VESA TV Brackets

Category: TV Brackets — July 13th, 2009

Are you wondering what exactly the VESA TV bracket specification means? Well, it is a duly integrated design standard and the most adopted medium used across the electronics industry today. It is a compatible set of mounting hardware being used by the two key TVs, namely, LCD and Plasma. To make it simpler, VESA TV brackets enable easy wall mounting of all kinds of models of TVs, because of their universally compatible feature.

The birth of VESA brackets
VESA TV brackets were developed in response to the growing demand for flat screen TVs. In the past the VESA mount consisted of four screws in a square pattern with horizontal and vertical screws 10cm apart. These are still very much in use for computer displays. Today considering the increasing popularity of large sized flat screen TVs, the need for a universal industry standard was recognised. These TV brackets are compatible with any type of television brand and model.

How to mount your TV with VESA brackets
A TV requires a minimum of 16mm space between the wall and the set to enable airflow. The absence of this space can lead to the overheating of your TV which can damage its circuitry. Any damage will require you to either repair your set or replace it completely. Either of the cases will be a costly affair.

How do I get a VESA Bracket?
VESA TV brackets can be bought from good online internet stores who have all the information you need on how to mount a TV bracket.

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