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LX5090 mount

Category: News — November 11th, 2009

LX5090 mount

Pioneer, with its Kuros, probably saved plasmas from extinction. Kuros recreated interest in this dying market just as it it was about to roll over to the LCD market and Sony as the main manufacturer of successful LCDs.

The Pioneer PDP-LX5090 plasma HDTV comes in a minimalist design with only the  Pioneer logo gracing its edges.
You have to buy all accessories, and speakers are considered accessories, separately.
Looking at its very pleasant posterior we can see the build quality is good although it doesn’t have the luxury feel its 8G older brother has but this is because the LX5090 is £1000 less expensive and is 27mm slimmer weighing a whole 5KG less.

We have chosen a lx5090 mount based on these numbers. At 50 inches and with such a slim waist it would be criminal not to flat mount it, and this lx5090 mount comes at such a good price, there’s even less reason not to grab it while you can.

LC32DH77E    LCD
LC37D65E    LCD
LC42DH77E    LCD
LC46D65E    LCD
LC46DH77E    LCD

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