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0.5m HDMI Cable - Ultimate Gold HDMI Cable

  • For Gaming, HD and 3D Viewing
  • Compatible with 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, Full HD
  • All HDMI Versions Supported 1.3, 1.4, 1.4a
  • 17.8 GBPS Bandwidth
  • 3D Ready
  • 1 year guarantee
Model number: GH0.5
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0.5m HDMI Cable - Ultimate Gold HDMI Cable (GH0.5) GH0.5


The Ultimate Gold High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is one of our top selling HDMI Cables and offers exceptional value for money. For anybody in need of a reasonably priced HDMI cable of the ultimate quality, this is a perfect choice. This HDMI Cable offers very high end specification and great performance with the most modern of applications. With a data transfer rate of 17.8GBPs, it supports all HDMI 1.2 and 1.3 features, plus the very latest 3D video features of HDMI 1.4 & 1.4a.

f you're in need of un-compromised harmony between high speed sound and vision data transfer, this HDMI Cable will certainly deliver. As well as high quality performance and an affordable price tag though, this HDMI Cable also comes with a one year warranty for better peace of mind.

The Ultimate Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet connectors and contacts are composed of 24 Karat gold plating for the best results in data output. The cables are manufactured in an oxygen-free environment and built with a triple layered Mylar foil protection to help shield against Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

This HDMI cable can be used with any of the most modern HD devices of today: connect your PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Laptop, Digital Receivers, Blu Ray Players, LCD TVs, LED TVs, 3D TVs & displays, HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers and all equipment with HDMI port.

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Now: £5.99
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