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A few points to help you select your TV bracket

Category: TV Brackets — February 27th, 2009

Selecting the right type of TV bracket for your LCD or Plasma TV is not as easy as it may seem. TV brackets are available in a great variety of styles, colours, materials and functions. As you may only buy a TV bracket once in a period of 10 to 20 years it is important to select the TV bracket that is best suited to fulfil your requirements.

After checking the weight carrying capacity of the bracket you must then concentrate on the functions you require. If you install the TV in a small room then you can go for a sliding or tilting TV bracket. As the name suggests sliding TV brackets help to move the TV from side to side.

Tilting TV brackets enable the TV screen to be tilted in all four directions by around 15 degrees. This also helps you to adjust the TV screen in a way so that it does not reflect light which can hinder the TV viewing experience.

If the room where you are about to install your TV is large and has many possible TV viewing areas then you must choose a TV bracket which has a cantilever arm and can swing the TV screen in opposite directions. Such TV brackets usually provide a movement of around 180 degrees.

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