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Thinnest, fastest and integrated HD wireless connectivity, added by Sony to their BRAVIA range

Category: News,TV Brackets — February 25th, 2009

Sony, one of the leading electronics brand in the world has always provided its consumers with nothing but the best in product design, technical innovation, and picture quality. It has also successfully delivered a range of world’s first and newest technologies.

Now Sony BRAVIA is opening up the television world. From the thinnest television set in the world to the fastest frame rate in the world, Sony has continuously strived to be product leaders in the world of technology with cutting edge and advanced innovations in the television entertainment.

The Sony BRAVIA brand is clearly a brand that has set its eyes on the future, as it creates products that are ready to take advantage of all other emerging trends.

Now, Sony has created another masterpiece that is designed to enhance the style of your living room. The BRAVIA ZX1 is designed in a manner that is certain to grab and hold your attention. It has an extraordinarily 9.9mm slim Full HD display, a world first, that is as thin as a CD case.

The BRAVIA ZX1 can be kept either on its own tabletop stand or be wall mounted, using TV wall brackets and thanks to its ‘BRAVIA 1080 Wireless’ technology its fantastic looks will not be spoiled by trailing wires or cables.

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