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What one needs to consider before purchasing TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — February 25th, 2009

There are different types of TV Brackets available with many different features.

In order to buy the perfect TV bracket, one should make sure that it has the right VESA spacing. The VESA spacing is the distance between the mounting holes on the reverse of your TV. Small TV’s have a tendency to have VESA 100 spacing.

If you want a slim bracket so there is little space behind the TV then you may miss out on others bracket options available such as tilting and swiveling. Tilting brackets normally have 15 degree tilt angle which is great when the TV is positioned at a high location.

There are two kinds of swivel TV brackets:

A cantilever arm can be used which allows the TV to be pulled outwards and inwards in any direction and this can also be pressed flat against the wall. If you need to move your TV often then this is the bracket to use.

The other one needs to be loosened with a screwdriver before it can be moved then retightened. This is not as user friendly, but is preferred in places where security is the main concern.

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