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Thinking of upgrading your speakers for this year’s award winning films?

Category: News — January 9th, 2014

The 2014 Bafta awards’ nominee lists were published yesterday.  Even if you decide to wait it out for the Blu-ray editions to watch in the comfort of your own home, you should hear all about the nominated films nevertheless to whet your appetite.

‘Gravity’ pipped the eagerly awaited ’12 years a Slave’ to the most nominated post, an accolade that could very soon be eclipsed by the most awarded, according to many critics.

‘Gravity’ is a space-walk thriller which features some pretty dramatic audio/visual effects which it relies upon heavily as the cast and scenes are uncommonly unvaried.  This means that you would better empathise with Sandra Bullock and her on-screen character’s sense of exposure and weightlessness with a large, properly mounted screen and matching 5.1 or higher surround speakers, otherwise you’ll be missing some of the effects.

’12 Years a Slave’, which is finally released tomorrow, having opened nearly 3 months ago in the US, has also received a good haul of nominations.  Like McQueen’s previous films, ‘Shame’ and ‘Hunger’, it will be a difficult emotional film, focussing on grave human suffering.  You may recognise Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is one of the nominees for Best Actor; he’s a British actor who has appeared in several television series, and in this film he appears alongside Benedict Cumberbatch of BBC Sherlock fame.  It is more likely to promote serious discussion on the history of slavery and racism than Tarantino’s recent ‘Django Unchained’.  As it is likely to leave you with something to think about, it perhaps wouldn’t be a great start to a cheerful evening on the town, but it would be an excellent film to watch in your home cinema.

‘American Hustle’ is the most care free of these three most talked about films; consistent partial nudity, bad haircuts and a catchy soundtrack set the backdrop for a fast moving thriller with lots of twists and laughs.  It is a strange film as it combines comedy, with many pantomime moments with Jennifer Lawrence, and a generally tense and edgy plot that develops with pace throughout.  It may be one for the collection to re-watch a few times, as there are plenty of careful details to enjoy over and over.

Whichever of the Bafta nominated films catch your attention, you’ll get the most out of the experience of watching them with a good sound system mounted properly to optimise both the quality of the sound and minimise the clutter in your living or entertainment room.  Here at Brackets R Us we offer a range of Speaker Brackets which make it easy for you to get the best sound, vital for that cinema at home experience.

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