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The future is bright, the future is…bendy

Category: News — January 7th, 2014

Televisions are a fast moving and constantly developing medium that continues to throw up surprises to those that follow its development. Samsung has today surprised the technology world by announcing the arrival of the first ever bendable TV at CES 2014. The 85 inch prototype is able to alter its angle of curvature via the remote control in order to optimise the viewing experience. Whilst there are manufacturers that offer curved TVs, Samsung are the first to design a TV with a curve that can be adjusted.

The idea is that the television can serve as a regular TV some of the time when there is more than one person watching and then be adjusted to suit a single user. The feeling of a TV wrapping around you will no doubt intensify the viewing experience; gamers in particular would benefit from this technology and would feel all the more encapsulated in the game. Some industry watchers remain unconvinced however and feel that the technology will not work on a commercial scale.

Samsung has not announced any plans to put a bendable TV on sale and for the moment at least this technology is merely a research and development that may indeed never reach the shelves. However, even in spite of industry scepticism there will surely be a demand for the technology so it does seem likely that bendable screens will go on sale at some point in the future. This will probably be far into the future though and it is certainly unlikely that we will see them commercially available within the next three years.

For now, there are several ways for you to enhance your viewing experience with your current TV set such as ensuring that it is positioned correctly in the room. The angle at which you view your TV has a huge impact on the viewing experience and it is recommended to view your TV as straight on to the screen as possible. A great way to do this is to do this is to fit a TV bracket and wall mount your TV for optimum viewing; an adjustable bracket will even allow you to tilt your TV in order to always view it from the perfect angle.

So if you value your viewing experience, browse our website or contact us to ensure that you can always get the perfect view wherever you choose to sit.


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