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The Right TV Wall Bracket for You

Category: TV Brackets — November 20th, 2013

Most of our households are hectic, especially during the festive period with children excited about their upcoming presents. Accidents can occur, so it is important to protect your television with TV wall brackets as you do not want your brand new LCD or LED television to be knocked over. Investing in a wall bracket now will no doubt save you a significant amount of money on a replacement television set.

In addition to preventing accidents, TV Wall brackets can save space in your room; this will allow you to design your living area the way you want to, without your television being the focal point.

Tilting – When you need flexibility for your television to move, tilting TV brackets are a good choice.  These mounts hold your television a short space from the wall, ensuring you can tilt it. You will be able to change the viewing angle, so you can watch your favourite shows from different parts of your room. However, your television will need to be positioned within viewing distance for the majority of your room.

Tilt and Turn– Our tilt and turn brackets gives you far more flexibility, as they can be pulled away from the wall and turned which greatly increases your television’s viewing range. Our brackets are available for televisions up to 45 inches and can support varying amounts of weights ranging from 30 kg – 65 kg.

Ceiling – Ceiling TV brackets, as the name suggests, support your TV from the ceiling, so they need to be strong and flexible. They have the capability to operate all of the movement that other categories of brackets have. It is because these brackets are so versatile that they are a little bit more expensive.

It is not advisable to buy a TV bracket without doing research beforehand. Each bracket is able to hold a different size range and weight of television. We have ranges of brackets here at Brackets R Us that can hold screens as little as 10 inches and as large as 120 inches. If you would like assistance choosing your TV bracket then you can contact us. We will be more than happy to help choose the right bracket for you.


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