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Sci-Fi and Mystery Lead the Festive Season TV Schedule Highlights

Category: News,TV Brackets — November 27th, 2013

With Christmas now firmly in sight and shopping well underway, the last week has seen the official release of the festive season television schedule for all the major channels, and this has brought excitement to many people. As reported by Digital Spy, staple family favourites are especially well represented on the BBC, with network premiers of Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 featuring on their listings.

The biggest highlights for many though, include specials from favourites such as Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. Doctor Who fever has really set in recently, with the landmark 50th anniversary special being broadcast around the world last week, and the Christmas special promises to keep spirits high. Keeping with tradition, we will see the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the new doctor, and most likely see some more surprises along the way.

Causing just as much excitement for many, classics including Downton Abbey and Sherlock also make the listings with their Christmas specials which are guaranteed to draw dedicated viewers in their millions. After we viewed what we thought was the death of Sherlock back in 2011, fans will be relieved to hear that all was not as it seemed, and somewhat mysteriously he is to make a comeback. Make sure to tune in to the new series which begins over the Christmas period to see how this is possible.

In the world of soap, the biggest story seems to be the Christmas Eve addition of the notorious Danny Dyer to the Eastenders cast, which is promised to be a surprising and memorable event.

With all the excitement surrounding the festive TV season, which is widely regarded to be the best time of year for quality viewing, the perfect family gift this Christmas is a new TV, which is guaranteed to be appreciated. It is now possible to buy great quality LED TV’s for very affordable prices, and here at Brackets R Us we are dedicated to providing accessories to complete your viewing experience at unbeatable prices.

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