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Enhance your experience of the all-new Xbox One

Category: News — November 26th, 2013

The launch of the Xbox One across European nations was a great success with the Microsoft product selling more than a million consoles within the first 24 hours of its release in the UK and 13 other countries. Keen gamers braced themselves to queue over night in the cold to be one of the first individuals to purchase the highly anticipated console. High-tech guru Microsoft has since announced that the products have sold out in all their retailers, including Game, the marketing leading gaming brand.

This gaming frenzy will also be followed by the UK release of the Xbox One’s rival console, the Playstation 4. Like any other product, many gamers will be loyal to a certain brand of console therefore; the Playstation 4 is predicted to sell by a large margin too. Sony and Microsoft will now go head to head and battle for sales over the festive season, which is expected to help the organisations generate large profit margins.

Gaming experts have said the newly innovated consoles provide ‘a new experience like never seen before’ in terms of properties such as console storage memory, loading speed and more importantly, the on-screen graphics. Despite these impressive improvements, gaming fanatics know there are various ways through which they could further increase the quality of their gaming experience. Television and console accessories such as speaker brackets are certainly a worthwhile investment that could help boost the gaming fun, especially when taking part in intense action games.

Mounting the speakers against the wall in precise areas such as every corner of the games room provides an excellent balance of sound.  The brilliant sound system will engulf the gamer facilitating an atmosphere where the gamer becomes completely absorbed and feels they are actually part of the game itself, creating an adrenalin filled gaming experience. The speaker brackets, which work well with TV mounts not only help enhance the gaming experience but also create space in your room as the speakers are out of the way.

Here at Brackets R US, we provide such top quality speaker brackets to help fulfil your gaming passion. We are aware our customers have different speakers and that is why some of our product ranges are designed to support up to 25kg accessories. We offer services of the highest standard due to our professional employees who take pride in all of their work. For more information regarding our products on offer, please contact us on 08456769200.

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