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LG Launch the LG 55EA8800 Flat OLED TV

Category: News — October 3rd, 2013

At Brackets(R)Us we are passionate about innovative TV design, so we are extremely excited to announce that the newest flat screen OLED TV is the LG 55EA8800. The company launched a 55-inch curved version earlier this year that boasted superior viewing angles, but it was less suitable for wall mounting. This new 55-inch flat design has been dubbed as the LG Gallery OLED TV, and is an altogether more practical model.

The OLED Revolution

The OLED TV is unlike traditional, synthetic LED models, as OLED technology is created using an organic, carbon-based compound that will emit its own light when hit by an electric current. It is also a much thinner material, so that allows for much thinner, lighter television designs to be made with a screen resolution that is simply revolutionary. These qualities allow the creation of a perfect TV for your wall.

A Work of Art

This model comes complete with a gallery mode that displays pre-loaded, high-resolution images of artwork by artists such as Van Gogh. As well as this, you will be able to load your personal photos onto it, allowing you your own personal art or photography gallery. Other features of this TV include a full HD 1080p system; making the visual quality simply outstanding. With embedded forward-facing, 2.2 channel audio speakers that have been named ‘canvas speakers’, this model can only be described as an interactive work of art.

Smart Interface

The TV itself benefits from a brand new, beautifully designed interface that includes NFC providing excellent and enhanced support for communicating with mobile devices such as phones and tablets. In addition, this new model comes with an intuitive remote system that allows users to find content more quickly and easily – creating an exceedingly efficient machine.

The Best Viewing Experience

OLED really is a step up from synthetic LED screens, and the only downside to this type of TV is that they can be incredibly expensive. Hopefully, over the next few years companies producing OLED models will become more and more efficient at producing them, and the price will drop substantially. Here at Brackets(R)Us we believe in getting the best possible viewing experience out of your television, and therefore we stock a huge range of TV brackets allowing you to have your very own personal piece of technological wall art.

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