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How to Create the Cinematic Experience from your Home

Category: Home Cinema — October 1st, 2013

Here at Brackets R Us we are passionate about films, however we’re not so fond of the prices for cinema tickets. TV can now produce images with an outstanding quality that even rivals that of the big screen, so here is a guide on how to recreate an incredible cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.

1. The Visual

In order to create the ultimate cinematic experience you need a HD flat screen TV; when it comes to viewing movies bigger is always better. Many products now come with 3D features, so if that is a feature of going to the pictures that you thoroughly enjoy, then make sure you choose a product that supports it. It is easy to create the authenticity of the movie theatre by mounting your TV to the wall with TV wall brackets. Here at Brackets(R)Us we stock a vast range of brackets that are suitable for most modern homes.

2. The Aural

The cinema is not just about visual imagery, it is about being fully immersed in story and heightening your senses. Often one of the most important aspects of a film is the soundtrack. You need to be stimulated both aurally and visually, so a high quality surround sound and blu ray system such as the Samsung HT-F9750W is a must have for any movie night.

3. The Ultimate DVD Collection

Of course to enjoy films from home you need to have a fantastic selection of DVDs. Many smart TVs now come with apps from popular online movie players, but if you’re not sure what DVDs are out there then check out this Empire Article that reveals the 100 essential DVDs that you must own.

4. The Snacks

In addition to high quality technology, in order to have a sensational night in watching films you need to ensure that your cupboards are stocked with snacks; both savoury and sweet. Everyone and anyone of any age can enjoy a night in curled up on the sofa with a bowl full of popcorn.

Having a home cinema is fabulous; it is wonderful for bonding with the family, spending time with friends, or even setting a romantic mood. With advancements in modern technology it is easy to enjoy an incredible cinematic experience at home, and that is why here at Brackets(R)Us we supply a huge range of TV brackets so you can make to most of your time at home.

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