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Mixed Fortunes for 3D Televisions

Category: News — September 28th, 2013

The number of people purchasing 3D capable televisions is growing faster than broadcasters are delivering 3D suitable media to home televisions. It is projected that as many as 60 million 3D televisions will have been sold by the end of 2013, and by 2017 this figure is expected to double in size. With such a strong growth in sales, it therefore seems puzzling that many broadcasters are somewhat undecided over how to treat 3D content.

Some corporations, such as Virgin Media and BSkyB, continue to push forward with their long term  3D plans, whilst others, such as the BBC, are putting their 3D experimentations on hold for as long as 3 years. The research analyst at Futuresource Consulting has stated his beliefs that 3D television will suffer when arrayed against newer developments such as 4K TV. The appeal of 3D television comes from the greater level of immersion that it offers its viewers, but upcoming forms of television are expected to provide similar experiences without the current idiosyncrasies of 3D content.

The spokesman for Futuresource has speculated that, although 3D sales are likely to remain stable, it is increasingly probable that it will become a premium or on-demand pursuit. 4K TV has been available for quite some time yet, despite the beautiful picture quality, the extortionate prices have kept them beyond the reach of the average consumer. However some sources are suggesting that 4K resolution TV prices may well be halved within the next 12 months, meaning that Ultra HD quality televisions are only going to become ever more common in the coming years.

With TV developers constantly seeking to achieve ever greater levels of clarity, you need to make sure that your own viewing platform is making the most of the superb picture qualities possessed by 3D and 4K TVs,. TV looks best when it is situated at an optimum distance and height in relation to where it is being viewed, and a TV bracket wall mount from Brackets(R)Us can be exactly what you need to achieve this. Be sure to contact us for more information relating to how you can improve your TV viewing experience.

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