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Virgin Media to show Sky Anytime on TV brackets too

Category: Home Cinema,TV Brackets — December 26th, 2011

Sky Anytime was previously a service you could only access through having a Sky TV subscription, but Virgin Media have announced that it will soon be offered through cable as well. So if you have a TV package with Virgin Media, you could have even more choice when it comes to on-demand programmes.

These days most people can’t be bothered with TV schedules and having to be in to watch the content they want to see at the times it is actually shown. This is certainly not convenient, so this looks like a smart move by the cable operator as these services are highly thought of.

Unless you had a digital video recorder, watching programmes as and when you like was not always a possibility until recently. With Sky and Virgin Media providing on-demand programming options, customers can be more picky with the shows they watch.

Although Virgin Media already offers some of these services already, the fact that Sky Anytime will increase the output available, this can only be seen as a good thing.

Viewers will soon be able to access this additional entertainment from their flat screen TVs mounted on the wall by TV brackets. This gives them the chance to watch the TV as it was made to be watched, taking pride of place in the living room.

This Virgin Media service will give its customers the chance to watch TV programmes usually only available to those with Sky, so it provides a wider selection for them to consider.

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