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Getting the most out of Sky Anytime and your TV wall brackets

Category: TV Wall Brackets — December 25th, 2011

If you are a Sky TV subscriber then you will know all about the many channels that they offer with their various packages. Having a Sky+ Box has many benefits over those that make do with Freeview, but only if you understand what it is capable of.

Sky Anytime is one of those services which can really add to the TV viewing experience. This feature gives you access to around 200 hours of the best monthly content on Sky. You can watch all the programmes in glorious high definition and the great thing about it is they are all ready to watch at your convenience.

At the touch of a button you could be enjoying the latest movies and the most popular entertainment around by sampling the delights of Sky Anytime. What’s more, it also gives you the chance to check out episodes of new shows that might be something you are interested in.

Every day the content is being updated so you will surely be able to find a programme or film that you really want to watch. To benefit from Sky Anytime you just need to go to the TV guide which can be accessed through the remote and click on the red Anytime button.

The content on offer does depend on the subscription you have chosen, with Sky Anytime+ giving you a whole library of content to watch.

To enjoy all this to the full you need to make sure that your TV is placed at height using TV wall brackets, which can be bought for this specific purpose.

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