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The Radio Times release top Christmas films in latest TV brackets news

Category: News — December 23rd, 2011

The Radio Times website has recently conducted an online poll to determine which title gets the ultimate accolade of being the nation’s favourite festive movie.

Unsurprisingly ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ came out tops in the survey, with this heart-warming tale taking 18 per cent of the 3,000 votes. Second place belonged to The Muppet Christmas Carol (10 per cent).

The British rom-com Love Actually made it into third on the most popular Christmas film list.

People chose from 50 movies set on or around Christmas with most of the ones you would expect to be there gaining recognition. However, there were a few surprises in store with Die Hard coming in to take the eighth spot. While it is not immediately thought of as a Christmas film, more of an action movie, it is set on Christmas Eve.

Film editor at the Radio Times, Andrew Collins, was rather delighted with the results of the poll when he said:

“As it is the season to be jolly, I won’t disguise my rosy-cheeked joy that the poll named Die Hard one of the top 10 Christmas movies of all time.

“It’s just as capable of producing festive tingles as the more traditional, December-released Muppet Christmas Carol or the cocklewarming Love Actually, which was literally giftwrapped in 2003 with a lovely red ribbon tied around its twinkling poster image.”

This year you can expect all of the top 10 to appear on satellite and cable TV, if not on Freeview, so you can settle back and watch these classics on your flat screen TV mounted on TV brackets.

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