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TV brackets – their types and advantages

Category: TV Brackets — April 22nd, 2011

TV brackets are a wonderful option to go for to mount your flat screen TV on the wall or to save precious space. They allow the user to get the best viewing angle without too much trouble. There is no end to the types and designs of TV brackets available to the user. Different TV brackets give you varied advantages. Make sure you choose a bracket that serves all your needs well. Here are some of the major types to help you determine the ones you should use for your television set.

The kinds of TV brackets

Flush TV wall brackets are for those who want to fix the TV in one position without changing the viewing angle. The good thing about these TV brackets is that they can take the weight of any TV set. This is not a possibility if you use other brackets that enable angle changes.

Tilting TV brackets are a great alternative for those who want some limited flexibility while changing the angle of viewing the TV. These are most popularly used by home-owners since they want their TV sets to be mounted at a slightly higher position from the seating area.

Ceiling TV brackets are among the best space saving options. These are like tilting TV brackets but the difference is that these have to be attached to the ceiling. These brackets are ideally used in commercial spaces, supermarkets and restaurants. They allow the TV to be placed high out of reach.

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