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Three simple steps that will help you to install your home theatre

Category: Home Cinema — April 20th, 2011

It is a human tendency to want more than what you have. Everyone wants to fit a home theatre system with a flat screen television into their small apartment. This creates a need for innovative TV mounting options. TV brackets do this for you with great ease and offer a wide variety to users. Mounting your TV on the wall is not a herculean task if you take a bit of care and conduct thorough research about what you will need to do.

How should one begin with this task?

Select the wall you want

Evaluate which room you want to place the TV in. Decide where you would like to place the TV on the wall and its position according to the seating arrangement of the room. Pick a wall that is at least twice the width of the TV. Look for the wiring aspect as well.

Pick a TV wall bracket

Retailers usually guide their customers on which bracket will match their flat screen television. TV brackets are available in various sizes, shapes and with a number of functions. A TV bracket should be chosen after considering things like seating arrangements, accessibility and the mounting difficulty level.

Take appropriate measurements before you drill

Once you have decided where you will mount your television and which TV bracket to use, find a wall stud and mark the location with a pencil. The height of the bracket’s location should be level and at an appropriate height. After that, drill and screw the TV bracket in. Check and re-check the measurements before you drill into your wall. Call for professional help if you need a hand in fixing the TV on the wall.

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