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The best option out of TV brackets and TV stands

Category: TV Brackets — April 19th, 2011

LCD TV sets are a luxury item to have. Their beautiful design, sleek style and appeal are truly amazing. Its picture quality and viewing experience is what everyone craves for. However, deciding where to place this slim big screen TV can be a tough job. These can be either hanged on the wall or ceiling using TV brackets or can simply be put on a stand.

Advantages of TV stands

Putting your newly bought LCD on a TV stand makes it more convenient to carry around and move. But there are certain disadvantages to it. You cannot ignore the risks involved; for instance, people bumping into it, kids spoiling the TV by touching it with dirty hands or spilling things over your prized possession. These possibilities are often unavoidable and so you should choose safety and security over ease and comfort.

Advantages of TV brackets

The solution to this problem is using TV brackets instead of a TV stand. TV brackets keep your TV safe and secure from any accident or mishap. In addition to that, there are certain features which make your TV viewing an ultimate experience. Using TV brackets, you can tilt and swivel your TV for correct viewing angles and pleasure.

Advantages of TV brackets over TV stands

There are many innovations and improvements as far as TV brackets are concerned. With tilt and swivel models, you can adjust your TV to different viewing angles. Some TV cables have provisions to keep your cables and wiring under wraps and hidden. Some are enabled to accommodate various accessories such as gaming consoles and DVD players etc. TV brackets come in different colors and designs and these fit with your interiors perfectly.

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