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LG Launch the LG 55EA8800 Flat OLED TV

Category: News — October 3rd, 2013

At Brackets(R)Us we are passionate about innovative TV design, so we are extremely excited to announce that the newest flat screen OLED TV is the LG 55EA8800. The company launched a 55-inch curved version earlier this year that boasted superior viewing angles, but it was less suitable for wall mounting. This new 55-inch flat design [...]

How to Create the Cinematic Experience from your Home

Category: Home Cinema — October 1st, 2013

Here at Brackets R Us we are passionate about films, however we’re not so fond of the prices for cinema tickets. TV can now produce images with an outstanding quality that even rivals that of the big screen, so here is a guide on how to recreate an incredible cinematic experience from the comfort of [...]