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3 ways to turn your TV into a focal point for your room

Category: News — August 30th, 2013

In the current economic climate, having a makeover of your living room or bedroom can often seem like an unnecessary expense. Here at Brackets R Us, we have devised three quick and economical ways to turn your television into a focal point of your room, transforming the appearance and atmosphere of your living spaces. 1)      [...]

Truly Experience Your TV

Category: Home Cinema — August 27th, 2013

If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on a TV just to place it in the corner because of lack of space, it’s high time to consider making a feature of your investment for smarter viewing and a more immersive experience. Here at Brackets R US we understand the importance of creating a perfect TV experience, [...]

Raising the Sound Bar

Category: Home Cinema — August 23rd, 2013

For the perfect film or TV experience, the sound is just as important as what’s happening on screen. You may have positioned your television to perfection, but if you’re not getting the perfect sound then there will always be something missing. A surround sound system replicates the effect you get in the cinema, with speakers [...]

The Top 3 Choices for 50-inch plus TVs

Category: Advice — August 23rd, 2013

When you’re looking for a big TV you definitely don’t want to compromise on quality. It’s important that you get a high-quality picture, with easy-to-use functions and the most incredible sound. If you’re spending quite a bit of money on a piece of technology, you want to be assured that it is the best of [...]

A Great View From Any Angle

Category: Advice — August 15th, 2013

The television, for many people, is no longer something they simply sit in front of and watch passively. The Nintendo Wii was the first gaming console to get a lot of players onto their feet, and both Microsoft and Sony followed suit with the Kinect for Xbox and Move for the Playstation. In addition, people [...]