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Samsung’s OLED TV Released

Category: Home Cinema — June 27th, 2013

Samsung’s OLED TV is being released onto the market in South Korea first – and at the whopping price of $13,000. So what is OLED and when will we see it in our homes?   LG released their OLED television earlier in the year at the same price. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. [...]

First Glimpse of the PS4 Console

Category: News — June 21st, 2013

Gaming fans have been eagerly waiting for news of Sony’s PS4 console, tipped for release later this year. Although a PS4 conference was held in February, details of its design were still a closely guarded secret. Not any more. Thanks to the Los Angeles E3 trade show, a number of important facts are known. Firstly, [...]