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Cantilever TV Brackets

Category: News — January 21st, 2011

Cantilever TV brackets perform the most functionality out of all of the available TV brackets on the market, and unless you’re specifically looking to flat mount your TV with flat mounting TV brackets to show off your TVs slimness, then we would recommend cantilever TV brackets, With cantilever TV brackets you can swing out and [...]

Google TV works with a television bracket

Category: News — January 20th, 2011

Google TV is an internet-connected television platform which will fit with a correctly sized television bracket. The size of television bracket will depend on the model that has Google TV integrated in. It launched in mid 2010. Google TV integrates Google’s Android operating system and Google Chrome browser. The plans was to integrate corporate into [...]

TV brackets not as confusing as Smart TV market

Category: News — January 18th, 2011

As competition intensifies in the Smart TV market, consumers are finding it ever more tricky to decide what’s for them. This is not the case in the TV brackets market. Each TV manufacturer is trying to set out its stall in terms of how the software that connects a TV to the internet should appear [...]

Sony TV bracket to enhance Sony 3D TV 2011 strategy

Category: News — January 9th, 2011

Sony is committed to 3D TV and is due to bring out more content, cameras and camcorders. Their aim for 2011 is to make 3D personal, for example if you were able to watch your child’s nativity play in 3D. Sony is also due to launch a 24-hour 3D television channel in partnership with Discovery [...]

TV brackets make the most of Microsoft social TV

Category: News — January 8th, 2011

Microsoft wants to reposition TV from a remote experience to an interactive one by letting consumers control TV viewing by using their hands and bodies rather than remotes. As part of this, the company’s aim is to provide avatars that viewers can chat, socialise with, as well as place with and generally instruct according to [...]

TV brackets to unite Google and Apple war for TV

Category: News — January 7th, 2011

How television will be viewed in the future is constantly changing as the big brands in the marketplace race to launch the next technological big thing. Connected TV is the hot topic for 20011 as manufacturers and set top box makers compete for the biggest slice of connected TV consumer pie. But Google has entered [...]

Bedroom Internet TV needs a desktop bracket

Category: News — January 6th, 2011

Internet television, not Web television or IPTV, is TV via the Internet. An example of this is BBC iPlayer. For those that have computers in their bedroom, watching TV is easy and they are able to exercise, arguably, more freedom of choice because they can select programmes from an archive rather than depend on what [...]