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A glasses-free 3D TV needs a television bracket too

Category: Advice — May 31st, 2010

It is estimated that glasses-free 3D LCD TVs will be on the market by 2015, according to research carried out in Taiwan. The Industrial Technology Research Institute carried out the study after displaying a 42-inch version of just such a device. They say that they have made glasses-free 3D TVs up to 65 inches in [...]

3D TV wall brackets will be needed more and more

Category: News — May 30th, 2010

The demand for TV wall brackets that hold 3D TVs will increase according to Panasonic. The Japanese company has predicted that by the start of 2013, around 70 per cent of its plasma TVs will be capable of displaying 3D. Their president, Fumio Ohtsbo, said: “3D TVs are becoming massively popular, not just in the [...]

3D tennis experience would benefit from TV wall brackets

Category: News — May 29th, 2010

If you’ve got a 3D TV set on TV wall brackets, you will be excited to hear that the full 3D experience is being broadcast during the French Open at Roland Garros. Panasonic has teamed up with Eurosport to provide 3D coverage of the event to around 3,000 Panasonic shops in 28 different countries. All [...]

Get TV wall mounts for the Panasonic Viera TX-L32S10

Category: News — May 28th, 2010

The Panasonic Viera TX-L32S10 is a 32 inch HD LCD TV. It has a high quality LCD panel that produces a great picture from whatever angle you look at the screen. Despite this, it would be better to install a swivelling TV wall mount to allow for viewing from any angle. The set also offers [...]

Choose the right TV bracket to complement your flat screen 3D TV

Category: TV Brackets — May 27th, 2010

If you are looking for a new way to watch television you should have a look at the new 3D televisions that are just entering the retail stores in the UK. With the introduction of flat screen TV sets, a whole new range of TV brackets has become available. Flat screen TV brackets If you [...]

Buy a 3D TV and a TV wall mount

Category: TV Wall Brackets — May 27th, 2010

If you thought TV viewing could not get any better it just has, with the introduction of 3D TV. You will need a new 3D TV to watch pictures in 3D but the experience is exhilarating. Some broadcasters have started to broadcast events in 3D as well with a recent football match shown in 3D [...]

Get the best from the Samsung UE55C8000 by using a TV bracket

Category: TV Brackets — May 27th, 2010

If you have just bought the Samsung UE55C8000 55″ LED TV you have made a wise choice. This TV is Samsung’s market leader and boasts some of the best picture quality seen yet from an LED TV. With 200Hz technology and a 3D HyperReal engine the TV offers a display picture which offers great depth [...]

There are wall brackets for an LCD TV and then there are wall brackets for a Bang and Olufsen TV

Category: News — May 26th, 2010

Bang and Olufsen don’t make a huge number of products, but those that they do produce are generally well received and coveted by those in the know. Famed for their stereo systems, Bang and Olufsen also offer several LCD TVs. The company is offering the BeoVision 8, a 40-inch LCD TV, which will offer a [...]

Samsung 3D plasma TV demands TV wall brackets

Category: News — May 26th, 2010

Samsung’s latest 3D plasma TVs, the C8000 and the C7000 are arriving in the shops and it would be a crime to buy one without fitting it to the wall with TV wall brackets. Plasma TVs offer a superior 3D picture to LCD models. Anyone buying such a set is after the highest quality performance [...]

Put your Samsung on a television bracket and take advantage of LoveFilm

Category: News — May 26th, 2010

It has been announced that LoveFilm is now available on all Samsung internet TVs. The Internet@TV feature is found in many Samsung sets. If you have one such television, you too can now subscribe to LoveFilm with ease. LoveFilm offers new and archived films for members, so it would be best to mount your TV [...]

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