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Understanding VESA standards for TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — November 30th, 2009

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association. It is a non-profit organisation led by a board of directors that represent over 150 corporate members worldwide. It was started in 1989. It is an organisation that sets standards for PC, workstation, electronics and related innovations like TV brackets. When it comes to TV brackets mounting, the [...]

Sony comes up with a new full HD LCD display

Category: News — November 30th, 2009

Sony has been making full HD LCD TVs for last few years, but the 52in GXD-L52H1 is the first full high definition digital LCD signage. The design of the display is amazing; as it features everything you expect and want from a digital sign. The outer part of the display is made with an aluminum [...]

LG is ready to come up with 7.5m LED TVs in UK

Category: News — November 30th, 2009

After Samsung has come up with its new LED TV, LG is aiming to sell 7.5 LED TVs in 2010, which would be up by 400,000 from this year. LG has recently started to import LED TVs into the UK, but its presence is much more powerful in other countries of the world. So, now [...]

Mount your LCD TV in the corner of your room

Category: LCD Brackets — November 30th, 2009

The biggest question after purchasing LCD TVs is where to place it. If this is your first LCD TV, you will be even more confused. You may have a small house, so buying a stand is just not a good idea. Installing these multimedia systems on a TV bracket could prove to be very beneficial [...]

A useful guide to choosing the right TV bracket

Category: Advice — November 29th, 2009

There are a number of LCD TV mounting brackets to pick from. But many users still have a hard time dealing with this task. There are some basic tips you will need to know before you head to your local TV store. LCD TVs are available in different sizes and so are mounting brackets. It [...]

Complement your LCD TV set with LCD TV brackets

Category: LCD Brackets — November 29th, 2009

Selecting a LCD TV flat screen can pose a big problem to the consumers. The process can be indeed time-consuming because newer iterations have resulted in many different options being available. Thus, consumers should consider what they want from their televisions before purchasing an LCD TV. LCD TV Brackets Consumers can now install their flat [...]

Improve the protection of your plasma TV set with brackets

Category: TV Brackets — November 29th, 2009

An LCD TV or a plasma TV is indeed a pricey investment. However, you should also consider paying a bit more and purchases an appropriate support unit to provide optimum protection to your LCD TV set. Users can now choose from a wide variety of brackets to complement their TV set. TV wall brackets are [...]

Why are articulating LCD brackets an ideal option?

Category: LCD Brackets — November 29th, 2009

Articulating TV wall brackets are often considered to be the best option for your newly purchased television. Its flexibility and easy availability makes it one of the most wanted TV bracket types. It emulates the arm motion of a human being. In some cases the ridge mount has dual arms. Articulating TV brackets can be [...]

TV brackets are perfect for your LCD TVs

Category: TV Brackets — November 28th, 2009

TVs are no longer huge behemoths and cumbersome to place, as they used to be. And the latest thin, lightweight TVs encourage people to go with TV brackets. These TV brackets help in fixing the TVs on the wall which makes the room more spacious for other items. Moreover, they also keep the TV in [...]

A flat 42LG3000 bracket is by far and away the best

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — November 28th, 2009

This comes within the budget bracket and despite this, it is still beautifully designed. However, its 1366 x 768 resolution screen is a clear nod towards corner cutting. But with ‘Expert Mode’, LG have provided a lots of pre-set picture adjustment options for those who don’t want get stuck in themselves. And there are also [...]

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