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Support for your smart TV screen

Category: TV Brackets — October 31st, 2009

With the wide range of newly-developed televisions available today, such as LCD and plasma screen models, the need for TV brackets to support these huge screens has increased. A lot of people still use old-fashioned TV cabinets, but these tend to take up space in your room and do not give your TV set the [...]

What type of TV brackets should you get for your television?

Category: TV Brackets — October 31st, 2009

The main purpose of a TV wall bracket is to support your television when mounting it on the wall. They are particularly useful for mounting LCD and plasma televisions. Flat screen televisions are meant to be fitted on the wall and can be best supported by using television wall brackets. Moreover, they are extremely trendy [...]

Secure your LCD television with the latest ceiling TV brackets

Category: LCD Brackets — October 31st, 2009

Are you planning to buy the latest LCD television? Are you worried about the space required in order to mount it on the wall? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the solution is ceiling TV brackets. Ceiling TV brackets are the best way to mount your new LCD television, as [...]

Clear up clutter in your homes with TV wall brackets

Category: TV Brackets — October 30th, 2009

LCD and plasma TV screens are gaining immense popularity nowadays because of the high-definition image quality they offer. These TV sets have also made modern homes look more stylish and sophisticated. However, these screens can be very expensive and need to be looked after, but by installing TV wall brackets, you can keep your TV [...]

Sony incorporates new LCD TV technology into its Bravia TVs

Category: News — October 30th, 2009

Sony Electronics, who is already using third party manufacturers in Taiwan and China for producing their Bravia TVs, has now certified LCD TV technology from US TV manufacturer Vizio, for some of the company’s LCD TVs. Recently Vizio announced that it would not sue the electronic giants for violating Vizio LCD TV copyrights. In fact, [...]

Tips and tricks for mounting your new LCD TV

Category: TV Brackets — October 29th, 2009

So, you have recently bought your LCD TV and have also found the most appropriate TV wall bracket for it. So what else do you need to do? Mounting your TV using wall brackets can sometimes be tricky, but here is some helpful advice to make things easier. LCD TV brackets are basically meant to [...]

How can you keep your LCD television safe and secure?

Category: LCD Brackets — October 29th, 2009

We are now living in an age where wide, slim and stylish LCD televisions are extremely popular with consumers in the UK and all over the world. They buy LCD televisions in order to enjoy the ultimate television viewing experience. However, buying an LCD television can cost a lot of hard-earned money, so you need [...]

LCD TV wall brackets set the trend

Category: LCD Brackets — October 29th, 2009

Televisions today are shrinking in size, but at the same time they are expanding in screen resolution. While a 4-inch deep flat TV panel was in vogue until last year, now it has been replaced with one inch or less TV depth. Today, almost every known brand is offering sleek and slim TV sets including; [...]

Enjoy watching television in style with LCD television brackets

Category: TV Brackets — October 29th, 2009

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are buying LCD televisions because of their great features and attractive appearance, but they are not always aware that television wall brackets can enhance this to make their LCD TV look even more stylish and sophisticated. LCD televisions look best when they are mounted on a bare, light-coloured painted [...]

Ensure the safety of your precious flat screen with LCD TV wall brackets

Category: LCD Brackets — October 28th, 2009

Television, we all know, is in huge demand by people in their day-to-day lives. Whilst the old TV sets looked quite stocky and did not have the right picture quality and sound, the new generation TV sets are robust and sleek and also possess better sound and picture quality. A lot of people spend a [...]

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