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Call your TV bracket stockist to find the best TV bracket for your TV

Category: TV Brackets — August 31st, 2009

When you are shopping for TV brackets, one important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the model and the make of the TV set. A lot of TV brackets are built to hold all kinds of televisions. However, with modern televisions varying to a large extent in their dimensions and weight, it [...]

Why ceiling TV brackets are perfect for public places

Category: TV Brackets — August 31st, 2009

Although TVs were always a necessity is places like homes, they can now be seen at stations, airports, shopping centres and many other places. And the result of so many TV manufacturers is constant competition to offer the best prices to customers. In fact, more and more public places seem to be mounting the latest [...]

Television wall brackets make TV viewing convenient and exciting

Category: TV Brackets — August 30th, 2009

With the many different types of television available in the market today, buying a television becomes a very difficult task. Once you have bought it, your difficulty level does not reduce but rather increases as you still have to decide where to place your new television. The thought of placing your new television on the [...]

Mitsubishi claims to be the first BHR LCD TV manufacturer

Category: News — August 30th, 2009

Mitsubishi, the Japanese electronics manufacturer has claimed that it is the first TV manufacturer to integrate a Blu-ray disc and hard drive into a LCD television. This debate has been a regular fixture in technology tabloids. Mitsubishi claims that this line of BHR LCD TVs is made for users who do not want to manually [...]

How to install a TV wall bracket and securely affix your LCD TV

Category: TV Brackets — August 30th, 2009

A TV bracket can be the best way for you to mount your LCD TV or plasma TV to the wall. These wall mounts are relatively trendy and give you the best viewing experience. TV wall brackets save a lot of space and money as you do not have to get new furniture especially for [...]

Chances of increase in LCD TV wall brackets market equity owing to new BenQ range

Category: News — August 30th, 2009

BenQ is all set to release a 7 strong range of LCD TVs in the UK market this month. This move on the part of BenQ is in a move to boost sales and market share of its televisions. In addition to this there is also the need to raise the profile of the company’s [...]

Sony’s Bravia exchange offer to hit the UK soon

Category: TV Brackets — August 29th, 2009

Sony, the electronics giant has launched a new exchange scheme for people in the United Kingdom. The scheme involves offering money on new TV’s in part exchange for an old television set. Sony has decided to discount its Bravia range television sets by as much as £150 pounds in exchange for your old and ageing [...]

How to buy a TV bracket that will make your TV come to life

Category: TV Brackets — August 29th, 2009

It is important to understand the advantages of TV brackets before buying them for your television set. TV brackets are essential in saving space in your home. Since the brackets are mounted on the wall, this automatically offers more floor space for any other items in the room. Thus, it is important to spend wisely [...]

LED TV sales increase for Samsung

Category: News — August 29th, 2009

When it comes to TVs, Samsung Electronics seems to have established itself as the leader in the industry. This is because the company never ceases to stop bringing innovative technology to their TVs. The latest addition to the countless models of Samsung TVs was the company’s LED TVs. The sales figures for Samsung’s LED TVs [...]

Joint forces of Panasonic and Cameron to promote 3D TVs

Category: News — August 28th, 2009

Electronics manufacturer, Panasonic is set to join forces with Hollywood director James Cameron to promote Blu-ray disc players and new flat screen 3D TVs. Simultaneously, they will also be trying to promote ticket sales for the director’s 3D movie Avatar. With this collaboration, Panasonic is hoping to establish the company’s reputation as one of the [...]

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