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Installing TV wall brackets for your LCD TV

Category: TV Brackets — March 31st, 2009

Purchasing an LCD TV can be a big investment for most people and it is important to install it in a safe and supportive location. To ensure that your precious new possession is safe, you need to place it in a suitable location. The best way to enjoy an LCD TV to its fullest capabilities [...]

Find the right TV bracket

Category: TV Brackets — March 31st, 2009

When you are planning to buy a TV bracket for your newly purchased television, it is important to find out whether the bracket will fit the television correctly. Although the brackets available in the market are made to fit most models, if your television is different from the regular flat screen televisions in terms of [...]

LCD TV brackets: To make your TV viewing more comfortable

Category: LCD Brackets,TV Brackets — March 30th, 2009

Watching television sprawled on your bed without a lot of back support, with your LCD television placed on a stand beside your bed is not exactly a very healthy thing to do. Watching television for hours sitting or lying down, in a position that does not support your back, can lead to various ailments. An [...]

Sony’s new BRAVIA WE5 LCD TV range will consume less power

Category: News,TV Brackets — March 30th, 2009

Leading electronics manufacturer, Sony seems to have outdone itself with the introduction of its new BRAVIA WE5 LCD TV range. This new range of TVs apparently consumes 20-30% less power when compared to the BRAVIA range that was launched last year. Sony’s excellent economic innovation features LCD TVs measuring 40 and 46 inches with full [...]

Wall mounts for your LCD TV

Category: LCD Brackets,TV Brackets — March 29th, 2009

You are the proud owner of a brand new plasma TV. But you have just realised that you do not have anywhere to situate it. You should therefore start the hunt for different types of flat screen TV brackets. When you have decided you need a TV bracket for your Plasma TV you need to [...]

Toshiba launches a new range of LCD TVs

Category: LCD Brackets,News — March 29th, 2009

At a recent launch, electronics giant Toshiba displayed the company’s most recent innovations, a full range of HD LCD televisions. The new range begins with the REGZA SV and it will be the first Toshiba TV in the UK that will have an LED backlight. This TV will have a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, deeper [...]

TV brackets and wall mounts protect your Plasma TV

Category: TV Brackets — March 28th, 2009

When it comes to TV viewing, size matters a lot. It is convenient to view the TV if the size of the screen is large to get the most out of the experience. There are LCD and Plasma TVs available with big screen sizes and the best way to mount them is using LCD TV [...]

Use TV brackets to mount your TV set

Category: Advice,TV Brackets — March 28th, 2009

There are numerous ways to set up your television to get a theatre-like viewing experience in your living room. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use TV brackets. For instance, if you use the old wooden stand to place your television set, there is a possibility it can take up space [...]

TV brackets provide you with the best viewing experience

Category: Advice,TV Brackets — March 27th, 2009

At the time when one plans to set up a living room, there are things that need to be considered. Finding the best place for keeping your television set is one of the important points. This is because the television set will be a particular electronic item which will be the center of attraction for [...]

LCD TVs incomplete without proper TV brackets

Category: Advice,LCD Brackets — March 27th, 2009

LCD TVs have taken the market by storm and it is not long when there will be no CRT screen TVs left in the world. The reason why LCD TVs are replacing the conventional CRT screen TVs is that these new TVs are sleek, stylish, occupy less space and offer much better picture quality. Previously, [...]

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