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Mount your new Panasonic Viera plasma TV using a TV wall bracket

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — April 13th, 2010

Plasma TVs are coming down in price all the time. You can now get a 50 inch Panasonic Viera for under £650 – amazing. The PANASONIC Viera TX-P50U10B 50″ Full HD Plasma TV has a native resolution of 1080p and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. These figures mean that the TV has amazing deep [...]

Which type of TV bracket can enhance your viewing

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — February 7th, 2010

Once you have purchased an LCD or Plasma TV for your home, you need to make sure that get TV brackets. TV brackets help to mount your TV onto a wall, whilst also enhancing your TV viewing experience. These days, there are many people who opt for TV brackets, as they offer several benefits to [...]


Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 21st, 2009

The “su-wl500” is a bracket that works with Sony televisions, specifically. Because the [su wl100] is made by Sony LCD, people presume that the “su-wl500″ is the only bracket suitable for Sony LCDs. Many people want to mount their new LCDs because they bought it for both functional and design purposes, but don’t look into [...]

KDL-20B4050 Bracket

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 17th, 2009

KDL-20B4050 Bracket One for the ladies, the smooth, velvety mocha finish of the KDL-20B4050 makes this is a sumptuous addition to any boudoir. And at 20 inches, it’s sweet too. Because it’s small, it obviously can’t compete with the, literally, bigger players in the market. And because of this, this set is partly a style [...]

a49ablk Wall Mount Review

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 16th, 2009

a49ablk wall mount The a49ablk wall mount is a fantastic choice of wall mount. The a49ablk wall mount falls under the category of brackets called cantilever brackets. Cantilever brackets are the most flexible kind of bracket available to buy and perform the most amount of movements. Cantilever brackets are most suited to people who live [...]

42X1 Brackets

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 14th, 2009

42X1 Brackets The PFM-42X1 is a recent addition to Sony’s PlasmaPro series of plasma displays. It takes over from Sony’s the PFM-42B2. Like this set, it is also smooth and sophisticated. But, how is it different? Why is it replacing the Alis displays? It offers an improved contrast ratio for one. Ande a 60,000-hour panel [...]

Recommended [42LG3000 wall mount]

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 13th, 2009

[42LG3000 wall mount] The 42LG3000 features within LG’s budget range so it’s unfair to expect premium design and performance. However, it’s certainly stylish enough to b a welcome addition to most front rooms and is made to a quality that most would be very happy with. The gloss on this TV is not as glossy, [...]

32LG3000 wall brackets

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 5th, 2009

LG has produced another great LCD in the32LG3000. Like all LGs, it lets you watch different types of content at their best by providing you with different AV modes to choose between. And, if you’re a really picky sort, you’ll be happy to know that within those modes you can even fiddle about with white [...]

Get some control with a [32LG3000 wall bracket]

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 4th, 2009

If you like to be offered options in how you view, then the LG 32LG3000 is a good choice. It lets you slip between different AV modes to make the most of different content. It’s not protective over colour or white balance. If you’re in Cinema Mode you can adjust this all you like. And [...]

Cantilever 32LG3000 mount

Category: TV Brackets Reviews — December 3rd, 2009

The LG 32LG3000 boasts all of the elements that you could want in a an LCD. Control is offered up in the form of AV modes for different content, you can tinker with white balance and colour processing, and indulge in the games mode, which is designed for specially short-watching distances. If you’re looking for [...]

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