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Q1) OK , so you have recieved my payment and I have recieved my bracket the next day as promised , but I need some technical help ! WILL YOU STILL BE THERE TO HELP ME ?


Yes of course , for 2 reasons :


No.1 , We are proud to be of service to you and we offer 15 YEARS GUARANTEE on all TV Brackets purchased from us.


No.2 , We want you to buy your 2ND , 3RD and 4TH bracket from .


Please feel free to contact our aftersales department


Q2) Will this mount fit my TV ?


Yes! This is perhaps the questions we get most often about our mounts. First, let us reassure you that we provide a 100% guarantee that this mount will fit your LCD Plasma.


Q3) Why are you so sure ?


We have listed various brands below that our brackets are compatible with:


Amitec, Daewoo, DMtech, Fujitsu, Ferguson, Goodmans, Hitachi, Hyundai, JVC, LG, Loewe, Logik, Medion, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Relisys, Sanya, Samsung, Sharp, Sagem, Sky, Shashai, Sony, Sanyo, Techwood, Thomson, Tiny, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Vision and more.


Q4) Are your products of the highest standard?


All our LCD plasma TV brackets are quality mounts with features including tilt, fixed, extended or rotating to give you the best choice from the wide range that we sell. It’s the largest range you will find online. We have the bracket that will fit your Plasma TV. Our range combines solid, sturdy construction with easy installation to make our products the best value available anywhere.


Check out our free fixing kit. It will save you time and money and has wall fixings, large selections of bolts, spacers, washers, in fact everything you should need. See the pictures, you’ll be impressed, as no other seller gives you this much !  -  No.1 for Plasma/LCD TV Brackets

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